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Join Trust Machines at the Nolcha Show: Ordinals Edition Event in Miami

Celebrating Bitcoin Ordinals during Miami Art Week 2023.
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Some of the biggest names in the ecosystem will be making their way to Miami this week to be part of the first ever Bitcoin-focused Ordinals conference during Art Basel.

On December 7, the Nolcha Shows: Ordinals Edition conference will take place at the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach. The experience – presented by Gamma and programmed by Inspiring Atlantis – will give attendees a full day of panels, immersive art, live performances and networking opportunities during Miami Art Week 2023.

Trust Machines, along with Trust Machines products Leather and Console, are proud sponsors of the conference, which will feature the likes of Ordinals creator Casey Rodarmor and other key members of the Bitcoin and Ordinals community. 

Celebrating Bitcoin Ordinals and the Bitcoin Renaissance

When Rodarmor launched the Ordinals protocol in January, it gave builders new inspiration for their projects and attracted the art community. The Nolcha Shows Ordinals event is meant to bring these two important facets of the Bitcoin ecosystem together in a day that both celebrates Ordinals and looks ahead to the protocol’s future.

Rodamor himself and Raph, Lead Maintainer of the Ordinals protocol, will do just that in a main stage keynote to kick off the day called “The Jubilee and Beyond.” Moderated by Erin Redwing, President of the Open Ordinals Institute, Rodarmor and Raph will reflect on how Ordinals have evolved over the last year and what challenges await them.

But they will also celebrate the many innovations that have come about as a result of the Ordinals protocol. In many ways, Ordinals have challenged marketplaces, wallets, artists and more to rethink how they approach everything from UX/UI to the permanence of art. While those have been ongoing discussions that have united – and, at times, divided – the Bitcoin and art community, one thing is clear: there are still many unanswered questions about the long-term potential of Ordinals.

Gamma co-founder Nick Sainato, Quadrillon co-founder BitGod, and BitcoinWhales founder Tosyo are just some of the names who will attempt to answer those long-standing questions. Ultimately, no one knows what exactly is in store for Ordinals in 2024, but everyone knows that there is still so much more to be explored.

The Impact of Ordinals: Scaling Solutions

The Ordinals boom, however, has also shone a light on how crucial scaling solutions have been – and will need to be – for the Bitcoin blockchain. 

The flood of Bitcoin users looking to inscribe an Ordinal since the introduction of these digital artifacts on Bitcoin has had a network-wide impact that has raised questions about the future of the world’s oldest blockchain itself. Rising transaction fees (with new all-time records set in November) and a huge concentration of users on the Bitcoin network have demonstrated just how integral L2 scaling solutions are. 

Rena Shah, Head of Operations and Strategy at Trust Machines, will be speaking to the role L2s will need to play to keep the Bitcoin Renaissance going. In a panel called “The Future of Bitcoin: Exploring Scalability Solutions,” she will reiterate Trust Machines’ dedication to building on Bitcoin L2s and why that mission matters more than ever, especially with Ordinals in the picture.

Gathering the Community

But “Nolcha Shows: Ordinals Edition” is ultimately meant to be a celebration of the Bitcoin and Web3 artist community.

Attendees at the conference during the day can hear about building communities on Web3 directly from Console lead Chris Castig in a fireside chat moderated by Bitcoin Boos founder, Bootoshi. As anyone from a Web3 ecosystem can tell you, building a Web3 community poses its own unique challenges that need to be addressed. Console, for example, aims to give communities a viable, engaging and easy-to-use chat platform that has become progressively decentralized over time.

Following the conference, attendees can also gather for a post-event networking event that features immersive activations and live art installations before an official after party. An attendee ticket at any tier guarantees access to all events associated with “Nolcha Shows: Ordinals Edition.”

See You in Miami!

Whether you’ll already be in town for Miami Art Week or you’re considering stopping by, be sure to stop by Nolcha Shows: Ordinals Edition. Tickets are still available in all tiers on

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Trust Machines blog and Learn Center to learn more about the Ordinals protocol, as well as our products Console and Leather.