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In addition to a suite of products, Trust Machines is also contributing to a collective effort to develop an open-source trustless peg for Bitcoin. Without relying on fixed federations of multisig wallets for a peg-out, decentralized applications can fully utilize the benefits of the Bitcoin base layer, offering increased functionality and scalability for all Bitcoin layers that could generate billions of dollars for the Bitcoin economy.

What we're building

Our approach is to develop and advance the most impactful applications that settle on the Bitcoin blockchain. Our applications focus on real-world utility that brings users, new or native, deeper into web3 through the decentralization of trust that only Bitcoin provides. We aim to create applications that use the minimal needed technology layers without disrupting Bitcoin itself.
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Your journey into Bitcoin starts here
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An Introduction to Bitcoin DeFi

Bitcoin DeFi describes blockchain technologies, Web3 app use, and infrastructure for financial activity without traditional systems
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Bitcoin Infrastructure

An Introduction to Building on Bitcoin

Building on Bitcoin brings the development of applications, layers, and blockchain scalability, together to expand the functionality of the Bitcoin network.
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Bitcoin Infrastructure

What Are Bitcoin Layers and Why Are They Important?

Bitcoin layers are solutions built on top of Bitcoin to increase the network’s programmability and scalability.

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