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Trust Machines Launches Leather, the Bitcoin Wallet for Bitcoin Web3

Leather is a new Bitcoin wallet brand driven to help users tap into the Bitcoin economy
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Leather Bitcoin Wallet Launch, A Trust Machines Product
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Bitcoin Scaling Solution of the Week: ZK Rollups

Zero-Knowledge rollups can usher in a new era of scaling solutions for Bitcoin
Ordinals Proposed Number System Changes
Bitcoin Ordinals

Proposed Changes to the Bitcoin Ordinals Numbering System: A Walkthrough

Should inscription numbers be unstable? According to the Ordinals creator, maybe so.
Stroom Network - Staking Protocol

What is Stroom Network? A Liquid Staking Protocol on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Stroom Network aims to bring liquid staking to Bitcoin's Lightning Network. Here's how.
Bitcoin Rollups and Bitcoin Layer Scaling Solutions

Bitcoin Scaling Solution of the Week: Rollups

While rollups have generally been more prominent on the Ethereum blockchain, builders have increasingly looked to them as a scaling solution for Bitcoin.
Token 2049 Singapore - September 2023 with Muneeb Ali

Trust Machines at TOKEN2049: Building on Bitcoin L2s

What to expect when our CEO hits the stage at TOKEN2049.
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Unpacking the Intersection of DAOs and DeFi Protocols

An explainer on how DAO principles can improve governance in DeFi.
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Two Types of Crypto Stablecoins: Fiat vs. Algorithm-Backed Coins

Two types of stablecoins are integral to the crypto world. Now, fiat-backed stablecoins are emerging in more global financial systems.
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Trust Machines App Highlight:

An app to change the way we think about messaging in Web3
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