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An Introduction to Building on BitcoinBuilding on Bitcoin brings the development of applications, layers, and blockchain scalability, together to expand the functionality of the Bitcoin network.
A futuristic 3D graphic of the Bitcoin logo.
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What is RSK (Rootstock) and How Does it Work With Bitcoin?RSK (Rootstock) is a general purpose smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network.
A graphic of the RSK logo.
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What is the Liquid Network, How Does it Work With Bitcoin?Liquid Network is a sidechain that improves the functionality of Bitcoin transactions, issuance of digital assets, and exchanges.
A graphic of the Liquid Network logo.
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What is Lightning Network and How Does it Work With Bitcoin?Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain.
The Lightning Network logo.
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An Introduction to Bitcoin DeFiBitcoin DeFi describes blockchain technologies, Web3 app use, and infrastructure for financial activity without traditional systems
A futuristic graphic of a dashboard with a DeFi panel highlighted.
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An Introduction to Bitcoin DAOsBitcoin DAOs are decentralized groups or organizations, where each member of a DAO is empowered, and democratized to govern, rather than a select few.
A space themed image with a thumbs up icon, discord logo, and person icon.
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What is Tokenized Bitcoin?Tokenized bitcoins are synthetic assets that represent BTC on Bitcoin layers and other blockchains.
A Bitcoin token behind a translucent layer.
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Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade: A Basic BreakdownThe Taproot upgrade is a collection of protocol improvements for the Bitcoin blockchain. The update introduces several new features that...
A spaceship launching with a Bitcoin token.
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