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What is the RGB Protocol on Bitcoin?Trust Machines lays out how the RGB protocol works and enables increased smart contract functionality for Bitcoin.
RGB Protocol on Bitcoin
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What is the Blockchain Trilemma and How Does it Apply to Bitcoin?Every blockchain faces a distinct challenge: the Blockchain Trilemma. But just what is it, and how does impact building on Bitcoin?
Blockchain Trilemma and Bitcoin
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What is the BRC-20 Token Standard and How Has it Impacted Bitcoin?The BRC-20 token standard is attracting notice in the Bitcoin community. What is BRC-20 and what does it mean for Bitcoin?
BRC-20 Token Standard Depicted in 3D Entry
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What Are Colored Coins and How Do They Relate to Bitcoin?Trust Machines explains the concept of colored coins and how they pioneered some of the biggest developments in blockchain technology, like NFTs.
Colored Coins Depicted for Bitcoin in Spatial Imagery
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What is Segregated Witness (SegWit)?The Segregated Witness (SegWit) update addressed some of the Bitcoin blockchain's biggest concerns. Here's how it has improved the Bitcoin network.
Conceptual image depicting segregated witness (SegWit) in Bitcoin
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What are Crypto Wallets and How Do They Work?The Trust Machines Learn Center dives into crypto wallets and how they factor into the cryptocurrency space.
Conceptual image depicting crypto wallets
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An Introduction to Building on BitcoinBuilding on Bitcoin brings the development of applications, layers, and blockchain scalability, together to expand the functionality of the Bitcoin network.
A futuristic 3D graphic of the Bitcoin logo.
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What is Bitcoin Layer 1 and How Does the Blockchain Work?Our Learn Center illustrates how Bitcoin layer 1 affects the crypto blockchain.
Conceptual image of Bitcoin layer 1 and the blockchain
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