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What is the Taproot Assets Protocol?The Taproot Assets Protocol by Lightning Labs aims to allow users to mint assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, including real-world assets.
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What is DeFi Interoperability?Interoperability has become a key component in driving the DeFi space
Bitcoin and Defi: Decentralized Finance in the Layers depicted 3D
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Centralized vs. Decentralized Bitcoin Lending WorksA walkthrough of how centralized and decentralized lending platforms work with bitcoin.
Bitcoin Passing from one Hand to Another in a Digital Space
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What is Crypto Lending and How Does it Work with Bitcoin DeFi?Trust Machines explains how crypto lending and crypto lending platforms work, as well as the current state of Bitcoin lending.
Crypto Lending and Bitcoin Decentralized Finance: hands holding bitcoin
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What are Liquidity Pools and How Do They Work in DeFi?Trust Machines explains how liquidity pools work and why they're essential for DeFi protocols.
Bitcoin Liquidity Pools: How they work in DeFi
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What is Blockchain Gaming and How Does it Work on Bitcoin?Blockchain gaming is, for many, the next frontier for building use cases on Bitcoin.
Blockchain Gaming: Gaming on the Bitcoin Blockchain
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What is the SRC-20 Token Standard and How Does it Impact Bitcoin?SRC-20 tokens, also called Stamps, have made the next big splash in the Bitcoin world. Here’s what you need to know about this new token standard.
Bitcoin SRC-20 Token Standard: Stamps and Bitcoin Abstract image
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What is Mintlayer and How Does it Work as a Bitcoin Layer 2?Mintlayer is a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution meant to improve decentralized finance capabilities on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Mintlayer Logo depicted on web3 abstract background
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