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CryptocurrencyA cryptocurrency is a digital asset, built on a blockchain.Learn More
Hash Ratehash rates measure computing power and nodes in a PoW blockchainLearn More
MiningMining helps adds blocks of transactions to the blockchain.Learn More
NodeA node is a device on a blockchain, supporting the ledger.Learn More
BlockchainA blockchain is a decentralized DB of transactions on a ledger.Learn More
EthereumTrust Machines defines Ethereum, a blockchain second only to BTC.Learn More
KeyThe Trust Machines glossary explains what a crypto key is.Learn More
Quantum ComputingDiscover what quantum computing is and relationship to Crypto.Learn More
Utility TokenThe Trust Machines glossary defines utility tokens in crypto.Learn More
Virtual MachineTrust Machines explains what a Virtual Machine (VM) is in crypto.Learn More
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is a type of cryptocurrency token.Learn More
OrdinalsBitcoin Ordinals allow for the use of block space on satoshis.Learn More
InscriptionsInscriptions are the metadata added onto Bitcoin satoshis (sats).Learn More
Ordinal TheoryOrdinal theory concerns bitcoin sats, giving them identities.Learn More
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