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MainnetThe Mainnet is the primary and fully operational blockchain.Learn More
Block WeightBlock weight is a concept introduced by the SegWit protocol.Learn More
BRC-20BRC-20 is a token standard on Bitcoin.Learn More
Blockchain 3.0Blockchain 3.0 is the third generation of blockchain networks.Learn More
OpenChainOpenChain is a customizable enterprise blockchain platform.Learn More
Market DepthMarket depth refers to data displayed in an order book.Learn More
MempoolTrust Machines dives into what the mempool is.Learn More
CryptocurrencyA cryptocurrency is a digital asset, built on a blockchain.Learn More
Hash Ratehash rates measure computing power and nodes in a PoW blockchainLearn More
MiningMining helps adds blocks of transactions to the blockchain.Learn More
NodeA node is a device on a blockchain, supporting the ledger.Learn More
BlockchainA blockchain is a decentralized DB of transactions on a ledger.Learn More
EthereumTrust Machines defines Ethereum, a blockchain second only to BTC.Learn More
KeyThe Trust Machines glossary explains what a crypto key is.Learn More
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