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Why Bitcoin?

The Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity
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The Case for Decentralizing Trust

Right now, centralized intermediaries primarily provide trust. The centralization of operations is still the status quo in the biggest entities we know, like the banking system, governments, and even within the crypto industry itself. But throughout history, these centralized entities have eroded the trust of the very people they claim to serve. This erosion of trust is the basis for the idea of providing trust through technological protocols, particularly protocols that do not depend on centralized parties.

Building Trust with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest and best known cryptocurrency that has crossed the chasm to become a global store of value and sound money.

Trust without centralization

Bitcoin also solved a major problem in computer science: achieving trust without centralization. This decentralization of trust is one of the most impactful technical innovations in the last couple of decades and makes building the Bitcoin economy such a large opportunity.
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Transforming trust

The Bitcoin Blockchain is now transforming trust.
The Internet
The Internet transformed information and communication: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter.
The Web
The Web transformed access: Google, Amazon, Wikipedia.

A new paradigm to the modern world

Bitcoin brought an entirely new paradigm to the modern world. However, it is limited in its current form. We have miners and traders who see the benefits of a new model for distributed trust called “trust without centralization.”
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Bitcoin Layers

The Bitcoin ecosystem has layers to function as a decentralized and secure foundation for web3. Layers create a flywheel economy that accrues value for innovation. Bitcoin layers represent the largest untapped market for new apps built upon trust without centralization.
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