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Trust Machines is founded by two Princeton Computer Scientists who are big Bitcoin believers. We believe that Bitcoin layers can unlock a wide range of new use cases for Bitcoin. Trust Machines is building the applications and underlying technology necessary to unleash the true potential of Bitcoin as productive capital and as a final settlement layer.
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Our Mission

We’re unleashing the Bitcoin economy by leveraging Bitcoin layers.

We have a layer-agnostic approach to building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications. We currently work with Stacks, Lightning, DLCs, and are open to other tools. We aim to transform the traditional workings of finance, business, and society by tapping into the secure, trustless properties that come with unlocking Bitcoin as a final settlement layer.

Market Opportunity

Half a trillion dollars is waiting to be unlocked on Bitcoin. We’re leading the charge to unleash Bitcoin’s true potential.
Our What
Driving the Bitcoin economy.
Our How
Building on Bitcoin layers.
Our Why
Trillion dollars to unlock.
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Our Founders

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Muneeb Ali

Muneeb Ali co-founded Trust Machines in late 2021 and earlier co-created the Stacks layer, a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts that has emerged as a leading Bitcoin L2. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University, where he still gives guest lectures on Bitcoin and the crypto space. Muneeb started working in the Bitcoin industry in 2013, and has built several protocols and apps on Bitcoin. He is one of the main characters in George Gilder’s book “Life After Google,” and served as a technical advisor to HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” You can follow him on Twitter @muneeb.
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JP Singh

JP Singh is a leading authority on scalable infrastructure and applications. He received his PhD from Stanford and is a Computer Science Professor at Princeton. JP is the co-director of Princeton’s center for blockchain technology (DeCenter). He was interim CTO of Right Media, Inc., a SaaS online advertising exchange that was acquired by Yahoo! in 2007 for $850M, Earlier, JP co-founded CaaStle, Inc., a technology and logistics company transforming the apparel industry with a Clothing as a Service model. He serves on the board of directors of 8x8, Inc, a publicly listed company where he is currently Chairman. He is a coauthor of ‘Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach,’ a primary textbook in parallel computing, and has authored several patents and over 100 published research papers.

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Your journey into Bitcoin starts here
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An Introduction to Bitcoin DeFi

Bitcoin DeFi describes blockchain technologies, Web3 app use, and infrastructure for financial activity without traditional systems
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Bitcoin Infrastructure

An Introduction to Building on Bitcoin

Building on Bitcoin brings the development of applications, layers, and blockchain scalability, together to expand the functionality of the Bitcoin network.
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Bitcoin Infrastructure

What Are Bitcoin Layers and Why Are They Important?

Bitcoin layers are solutions built on top of Bitcoin to increase the network’s programmability and scalability.

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