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Introducing Orange Domains: A New Frontier For Bitcoin and Web3 Digital Identity

We're excited to announce the launch of Orange Domains!
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The concept of digital identities has been prevalent in Web3 communities for a number of years. However, the potential digital identities hold – especially when paired with the security and stability of the Bitcoin blockchain – has remained largely untapped. As a result, today’s Bitcoin users haven’t yet witnessed many of the use cases that digital identities could bring. This includes real-world applications that would impact our everyday lives.

Trust Machines, along with our partners Tucows and Hiro Systems, have launched our new entity, Orange Domains, to help users explore just that. Orange Domains will expand the functionality of the Bitcoin Name System (BNS) protocol and develop new top-level domain (TLD) services to bridge the traditional Domain Names System (DNS) with Web3 digital identities.

A Bridge to Bitcoin Web3 Using Web3 Digital Identities

This means that in many ways, Orange Domains will link existing Web2 and Web3 audiences. The traditional DNS system currently has no direct connection to blockchains like Bitcoin and, subsequently, their Web3 applications. Users are forced to install additional software and navigate multi-step processes if they’re looking to access blockchain-based Web3 applications. As you can imagine, these obstacles hinder the user experience and impede the process of onboarding new users to Web3.

Orange Domains connects DNS directly to the BNS protocol, which is powered by Bitcoin layers. The Web3 domain name will function as a digital identity and act like an NFT, giving users the keys to an equivalent domain. This digital identity will enable anyone to do everything from building a website to securing their finances, art pieces, contracts, and more, all from one domain solution on the blockchain.

Trust Machines will lead the development and go-to-market strategies for Orange Domains while Hiro – as the leading developer tooling company for Bitcoin layers – will provide domain expertise on building Bitcoin smart contracts, digital assets, and decentralized applications. Tucows will provide its knowledge in DNS and web registry to offer strategic guidance to Orange Domains.

Growing the Bitcoin Blockchain With Digital Identities

Orange Domains is part of a growing movement of Bitcoin Web3 applications designed to expand the Bitcoin blockchain’s utility. Over the years, the emergence of Bitcoin L2s has steadily changed that narrative. Now, more and more use cases have been built with Bitcoin as the base settlement layer for applications.

The BNS protocol – which is built on the Bitcoin Stacks layer – is an example of this. BNS currently allows anyone to purchase names such as .btc Web3 with name registrations finalized on the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that while the transactions users conduct to claim their BNS names on the Stacks layer, these transactions ultimately settle on the Bitcoin L1. 

And in the last year, calls for expanding Bitcoin’s utility have only gotten louder. Interest in Bitcoin L2s, as a result, and the use cases that they can facilitate has grown significantly. Orange Domains has emerged against this backdrop as another pioneer set to make Bitcoin – and Bitcoin Web3 – more accessible with solutions that emphasize the benefits a stable, secure, and decentralized blockchain network can bring.

Want to Learn More?

It’s clear that the endless possibilities of Web3 technology are growing more apparent by the day. With Orange Domains, we want to continue building a community focused on shaping the future of decentralized innovation.

Users who are passionate about securing their future with Web3 products developed on Bitcoin can visit the Orange Domains to learn more. Be sure to also visit our Products page to learn more about what we’re building at Trust Machines and how we’re contributing to the Bitcoin economy every day.