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Web3 Offers Exciting Career Opportunities for Tech and Finance Professionals

Trust Machines' Head of Talent, Olga Etkina, elaborates on what opportunities are available in Web3 for professionals with tech and finance backgrounds.
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By Olga Etkina, Head of Talent at Trust Machines

As someone who has dedicated a decade of my career to Talent Acquisition, now specifically in the crypto industry, I have witnessed a notable shift in interest amongst the talent pool, with traditional financial institutions facing a significant decline in applicants. The aftermath of major bank collapses in recent years has prompted a new generation of tech and finance professionals to explore alternative career options, particularly in the innovative realm of Web3. 

As Web3 recruiters, foremost, our job is to meet all our candidates on a compassionate human-level – interviewing is stressful. Secondly, our job must be to tell the story of crypto and foster deeper trust in the industry. Finally, we can help evaluate and highlight career opportunities to those looking to shift from traditional finance and tech to Web3.

Having experienced firsthand the impact of both bull and bear markets on professional interest within the crypto space, I can confidently say that Web3's upside is once again presenting a great opportunity for many. While the crypto industry faced setbacks and challenges in 2022, such as bankruptcies and layoffs, Web3 companies managed to weather the storm, secure funding, and expand their teams. As a result, countless opportunities are now emerging for innovators of all backgrounds to work in this dynamic industry.

Currently, there is high demand for both hard and soft skills across the Web3 landscape. Job openings abound in areas such as UI/UX, Frontend and Backend engineering, as well as soft skills like Marketing and Talent Acquisition, which have become more crucial than ever before.

In contrast to the resilience and adaptability of Web3, traditional finance has maintained a more rigid structure. Established financial institutions still dominate the industry, and the process of consolidation has created concerns and uncertainties among the talent pool due to increasingly scarce job opportunities. Additionally, many traditional financial institutions are resisting remote work options, favoring location-based hiring and disregarding skills-based approaches. The career paths within traditional finance remain inflexible, characterized by established hierarchies and limited prospects for growth. Climbing the ladder in this sector can take years, with a finite ceiling on how far one can progress. 

In Web3, on the other hand, possibilities are endless, and those who are proactive stay ahead of the curve and quickly rise to the top.

The decentralized business landscape of Web3 now offers what Silicon Valley once provided to startup employees— an environment ripe with opportunities for career advancement, innovation, and a mission-driven focus.

So, what roles are currently open in the Web3 industry? Regardless of whether you're a developer, marketer, or business strategist, there is a place for you. The core roles in high demand right now include:

  • Blockchain developer: These experts are responsible for constructing and maintaining the decentralized infrastructure that powers Web3 applications. They possess deep knowledge of distributed ledger technology, often with backgrounds in computer science, cryptography, or software engineering.
  • Product manager: Product managers oversee the end-to-end development of Web3 applications, from ideation to launch. They are skilled in product strategy, user experience design, and project management.
  • Community manager: Community managers are vital in building and engaging user communities that support Web3 applications. They excel in social media management, online marketing, and community engagement.
  • UX designer: UX designers focus on designing user interfaces that make Web3 applications intuitive and user-friendly. They possess expertise in user research, information architecture, and visual design.
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) specialist: DeFi specialists specialize in developing and managing decentralized financial products and services. They possess deep knowledge of financial engineering, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

While traditional finance will continue to offer job openings, it remains a highly competitive space that is often resistant to experimentation, both in terms of products and talent acquisition. In contrast, Web3 companies are embracing the advantages of remote working, decentralized talent pools, and offering competitive salary ranges, enhanced transparency, and the benefits that the next generation of talented professionals seek in their career moves.

Interested in learning even more about how exciting a career in Web3 can be? Make sure to watch Trust Machines' Work in Web3 series.

Olga Etkina is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Trust Machines. Trust Machines raised $150M in 2022, to build the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin apps. Olga is also the founder of Black Swan Careers, a career strategy firm focused on helping individuals find jobs they love by working smarter, not harder. She previously was the Lead Talent Acquisition Partner for Hiro Systems.