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'Not Your Ordinary NFTs': A Trust Machines Series on Bitcoin Ordinals

Trust Machines is launching a content series on Bitcoin Ordinals, titled "Not Your Ordinary NFT: An Exploration of Ordinals." It introduces upcoming Ordinals coverage to emphasize how the protocol has impacted the Bitcoin ecosystem and crypto as a whole.
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Crypto Art and NFTs on a blockchain layer
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At this point, who in the Bitcoin ecosystem hasn’t heard of Ordinals?

Yuga Labs’ TwelveFold drop was just the latest NFT collection to make use of Ordinal inscriptions. Even before the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators minted their first Bitcoin-based NFTs, the Web3 world was buzzing about Ordinals.

But Ordinals didn’t just revive interest in Bitcoin NFTs.

The Ordinals protocol has also reshaped how we view smart contracts, marketplaces, wallets, and more mainstay operations in the crypto and blockchain space. 

It has also urged us to rethink the foundations of the Bitcoin network itself, unlocking whole new possibilities for Bitcoin users.

Introducing 'Not Your Ordinary NFTs: An Exploration of Bitcoin Ordinals'

Our main mission at Trust Machines is to build the Bitcoin economy.

While this includes developing the BTC infrastructure and Bitcoin DeFi products, education is also a key component to drive that vision. Much of what you see on our social media handles, Learn Center, and other public channels is dedicated to teaching builders and non-builders alike about Bitcoin.

That’s why we’re launching a series, “Not Your Ordinary NFT: An Exploration of Bitcoin Ordinals.”

The series isn’t just meant to highlight the latest and greatest Ordinals inscriptions and projects (plus, there are so many, how do we pick?). 

We’re also aligning with our core mission by unpacking the myriad of ways Ordinals has fundamentally upended what we – yes, even we here at Trust Machines – thought was possible on Bitcoin.

We want to show, through Ordinals, how Bitcoin isn't just a cryptocurrency or a token. 

Who is 'Not Your Ordinary NFTs' For?

The arrival of Ordinals has reinvigorated those within and outside of the Bitcoin community.

In particular, it has revived interest in building on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Since the launch of Ordinals in January, some of the biggest ecosystems in Bitcoin have innovated with Ordinals technology to add on to or create entirely new projects.

Given this momentum, one of the key audiences of “Not Your Ordinary NFTs” is builders. 

Whether they’re already building on Bitcoin or thinking about doing so, we aim to give them a better idea of how they can incorporate Ordinals into their applications.

However, we’re also aware that the Ordinals rush has also attracted non-endemic audiences. 

The Ordinals movement has also caught the attention of the crypto curious, and we want to make sure that we’re a resource for them as well.

Aside from our Learn Center article on Ordinals, some of the content in the series will also be geared towards a crypto curious audience with a high-level view of Ordinals’ impact on Bitcoin. The goal is to help them understand how pivotal Ordinals have been for the entire ecosystem.

How Does this Ordinals Series Tie In with Trust Machines?

We previously mentioned that our main mission at Trust Machines is to build the Bitcoin economy. 

One specific part of this mission includes demonstrating how Bitcoin can be the final settlement layer for Web3 applications.

So you can imagine how excited we were when Ordinals took off.

The fact that you could inscribe data – be it photos, videos, and more – directly on Bitcoin itself (satoshis, to be exact) meant that in many ways, the Ordinals protocol spoke to a key component of our mission.

And now, builders are using the technology to further develop projects on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Not only that, but Ordinals has demonstrated that the very infrastructure of Bitcoin itself can be deployed to expand use cases on the blockchain. 

Therefore, a content series about Ordinals, in our view, essentially documents a massive development in the Bitcoin ecosystem that also speaks to our vision: a future built on Bitcoin.

What Should I Expect to See from 'Not Your Ordinary NFTs?'

Beginning today, you can expect to see Ordinals content published twice a week on the Trust Machines blog.

You will also notice that our articles will thematically build on one another. This is to ensure that we ramp up our narrative on Ordinals while preserving continuity. 

Essentially, we want to give our readers a full roadmap to follow – rather than just landmarks –  in their Ordinals journey.

As we previously mentioned, given that we’re appealing to both a builder and crypto curious audience, much of the content will focus on Ordinals use cases. That way, the content we publish is accessible, but also captures much of the technicalities behind Ordinals-based functions.

Much of this will depend on highlighting different projects – both new and existing – that have sprung up or expanded their capabilities using Ordinals.

Exploring the Bitcoin Community and Bitcoin Network with Ordinals

Needless to say, the Ordinals movement is one of the most exciting developments in Bitcoin.

Of course, there have also been concerns raised about the effects Ordinals could have on the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Longstanding debates about Bitcoin block space and transaction fees, for example, have also surfaced as possible concerns down the line.

But while its long-term impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem remains to be seen, one thing is clear: Ordinal theory has injected new life into the possibilities offered by Bitcoin.

It has already expanded on use cases that counter the age-old perception that Bitcoin exists primarily as a store of value. Consequently, it has also demonstrated that Bitcoin's flywheel economy has the potential to rival that of newer blockchains, such as Ethereum.

We hope you enjoy “Not Your Ordinary NFT: An Exploration of Bitcoin Ordinals.”