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Trust Machines Launches Leather, the Bitcoin Wallet for Bitcoin Web3

Leather is a new Bitcoin wallet brand driven to help users tap into the Bitcoin economy
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Leather Bitcoin Wallet Launch, A Trust Machines Product
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We’re excited to introduce Leather, a new Bitcoin wallet brand with one mission in mind: driving the global transition to a digital economy built on Bitcoin. 

Leather Wallet LLC is now a subsidiary of Trust Machines, through an acquisition of wallet assets from Hiro Systems PBC. Its goal is to provide the highest-quality user experience while delivering unparalleled developer resources for app integrations.

To achieve this, Leather intends to pioneer a higher standard in accessibility. Even non-technical users worldwide should feel empowered to tap into the Bitcoin economy with innovative use cases that provide long-term, reliable value. 

The Leather team’s consistent dedication to quality, ease-of-use and security has already given us a solid track record to build upon. Prior to the acquisition and rebrand, the former Hiro Wallet had over 375,000 total installations, more than 100,000 monthly active users and transactions exceeding 300,000 per month as a result of our commitment to building a premium Bitcoin wallet. Now, under the Leather brand, this same team will continue to develop a versatile Bitcoin wallet that helps users navigate Web3 on Bitcoin.

After all, crypto and Web3 are ever evolving. Wallets have always served as users’ first touchpoint to what is now one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems. But today, users are demanding more from their wallets. They want to be participants in a future where they have full control over their identity and assets and where they, alone, can decide how to unlock the value they accrue.

Leather helps users do just that by putting their bitcoin to use. 

While Leather excels in helping users manage and store their Bitcoin holdings, its real calling is to give users a ticket to Bitcoin Web3’s rapid growth. The app’s users already have access to a multitude of wallet features that allow them to do so, including the ability to:

  • Secure and manage Bitcoin (BTC), Stacks (STX) and other Bitcoin-secured assets like BRC-20 
  • Deposit, view, create, trade and transfer Ordinals, Stacks NFTs and Bitcoin Stamps 
  • Identify themselves across decentralized communities with Blockchain Name System (BNS) domain names
  • Explore Bitcoin DeFi protocols that are set to revolutionize how financial systems work
  • Access emerging Bitcoin layers and features (like the Lightning Network, DLCs and Stacks) along with their native mechanisms, like Stacking

Many of these features are available through integrations with a myriad of Bitcoin Web3 applications, which includes everything from Bitcoin NFT marketplaces like Gamma and Magic Eden to decentralized exchanges and DeFi protocols like ALEX and Velar.

New and more experienced users alike can also explore emerging marketplaces for Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin Stamps by connecting their Leather wallet to the likes of Gamma Marketplace, Magic Eden, UniSat, OpenOrdex, Ordinals Wallet, OrdX, Ordinals Market, Rare Stamp,, On Chain Monkey and more. Additional integrations are always on the way as the Leather wallet team works to provide even more avenues for users to make their bitcoin productive.

But security should not be sacrificed in the name of accessibility. Leather is a self-custodied, open-source and audited wallet that allows everyone – users and developers alike – to enjoy all that Bitcoin Web3 has to offer while knowing that their identity and assets are protected. 

You can begin your Bitcoin Web3 journey with Leather today by downloading the wallet’s desktop application and browser extension for free. The Leather browser extension allows users to connect to decentralized applications built on Bitcoin. Many of the same features will also be available in an upcoming mobile application.

In the end, Leather isn’t just a Bitcoin wallet to help people manage their tokens. It’s the Bitcoin wallet for the rest of us who see a bright future ahead for the global Bitcoin economy.