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Trust Machines Joins the Blockchain Association

Trust Machines has joined the Blockchain Association to advance the development of blockchain technology.
Written by TM Team
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We are proud to announce that Trust Machines is now a member of the Blockchain Association.

As part of our mission to grow and unlock the Bitcoin economy, we focus heavily on providing builders with the educational resources needed for them to grasp the potential impact of current blockchain technology. We want to inspire them to interact with emerging technologies that are poised to transform the systems that we know, from financial services to information markets. In doing so, we also want to encourage them to build blockchain-based projects today with the intent of creating positive impacts both at home and around the world.

This has been against a backdrop of recent events that have reignited discussions around best practices and necessary processes for crypto, blockchain, and Web3 as a whole. 

The Blockchain Association serves as the unifying voice in the industry to trailblaze on matters related to blockchain education, access, and outreach with our lawmakers. They play a crucial role in fostering the education of policy makers so that they may understand the value of blockchain technology. 

Without proper education, it will be difficult to see the benefits of moving forward with emerging technologies. That is why we believe that through education and collaboration, the Blockchain Association can bridge the gaps needed to drive innovation for our industry.

As part of the organization, we aim to bring more voices into conversations regarding the future of Web3 innovation. We are also driven to continue our push for thorough educational resources that accurately capture the wider implications of blockchain technology and send a clear message about the potential of blockchain.

Blockchain technology has created opportunities that transcend our current environment and dedication is needed to ensure that we play a leading role in its development. As such, it is in our interest to join a group who shares the same beliefs and will take action to represent the ecosystems we have made our priority, and who will ensure that they have a say in their growth.

We’re proud to support the Blockchain Association’s dedicated, detailed work on policy development and advocacy. We aim to become a key player in advancing tangible outcomes to support the growth of new developments in the entire blockchain space, both in the US and abroad.

This is just one of the many steps that we will take to shape a viable roadmap for the industry and our builders.