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Web3 communities have begun building the foundation of the next phase of our online lives on the bedrock of an idea that is at the core of the Bitcoin ethos: decentralization. 

Digital property, communication and even your web identity are all areas in which individuals deserve to have the same ownership rights that they are familiar with when discussing the tangible world. 

Now that is a lot of areas to tackle – We know! Trust Machines is hard at work at making a dent in the mountain of self-sovereignty though., is an open-source, decentralized messaging app for communities. Think about all the messaging apps you use in your day-to-day activities. Console seeks to replace those with less spam, less noise and more optimization towards what users want.

Console: Reinventing Message-Secure Chat for Communities

Security on messaging apps is a huge problem, and it’s a problem that is not being prioritized over other “premium” feature sets. From phishing attempts and DM bots to random accounts shilling their latest scam. These types of hacks not only bankrupt people, they bankrupt the trust in what Web3 can do for other communities and industries. 

We believe that individual communities can become super-powered by putting trust first. Imagine being able to click on a community member to review their contribution to the community and validate their identity without doxing them altogether.

The Future of Decentralized Identity

Sock puppets plague social media. A sock puppet is a phony name or identity used to argue, troll, or take advantage of other users. 

Console is different. By using verified identity to silence sock puppets, Console communities instantly become more friendly, secure and enjoyable for all users. Console relies on the innovations in decentralized identity to validate membership into communities. This can be done based on a user's ownership of NFTs, FTs, .eth or .btc addresses. 

Trust Machines believes that apps like Console can play the largest role in attracting the next 100,000 non-crypto users to Web3.

How Console Fits Into Bitcoin

As Bitcoin DeFi continues to mature, Console will be continuously updating to meet the needs of the communities building themselves on the app. Today on Console, you own your identity. If were to disappear, a user would still be able to connect with their network because that identity is your wallet, and your on-chain identity belongs to you.

At Trust Machines, we are proud of the developments is creating to support the principles of the Bitcoin community: decentralization, privacy, and transparency. 

As Console evolves, the platform will continue to progressively decentralize and move even closer in step with those principles. Not on Console yet? Join Console now

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