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Building on Bitcoin: A Guide to Bitcoin Miami 2023

What to expect at Bitcoin Miami 2023.
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Watch out blockchain enthusiasts, Bitcoin Miami 2023 is coming up.

The annual conference, which is the largest Bitcoin conference in the world, will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center venue from May 18 to 20 and will involve over 150 speakers, 2,000 companies and over 250 sponsors. The conference normally commands an attendance of over 15,000 people and with the mayor of Miami, Dan Gelber, kicking off the event by welcoming cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Here at Trust Machines, we are building on Bitcoin to unlock the Bitcoin economy. We are exploring scaling solutions (like Bitcoin layers) and different technologies in the Bitcoin ecosystem to help us do so with the goal of onboarding the first billion people to Bitcoin. Our participation at BTC Miami, as a result, naturally fits with the work that we've earnestly undertaken to grow the Bitcoin economy. 

Next week, we'll highlight some of the keynotes and panels that feature some of our Trust Machines team members. In the meantime, here's some insight into what you can expect at this year's BTC Miami.

This year’s conference will pick up where last year’s left off by exploring major discussion points and trends in the industry. Each year, passionate fans of Bitcoin come together and discuss how the blockchain benefits them while giving a glimpse into what they're building.

This year, you can bet that Ordinals will still be a key topic at this year’s conference given the influence the protocol has had on the Bitcoin ecosystem. From our attendance at NFT NYC to the Web3 Festival in HK and Consensus, we have spent much of our events season highlighting the role Ordinals has played in jumpstarting a revival in the Bitcoin ecosystem as builders flocked back to Bitcoin to explore all that inscriptions had to offer. But aside from Ordinals, also expect other new developments like BRC-20 and Bitcoin Stamps to appear prominently during the conference given their recent impact on the Bitcoin blockchain as well.

You can catch many these conversations at three key conference stages: the Nakamoto Stage, which is the main stage, the Mining Stage and the Enterprise Stage. While a full agenda can be found here, we'll lay out some of the biggest highlights that can be found on each stage.

What You'll See at the Bitcoin Miami Nakamoto Stage

The Nakamoto Stage is the main stage of the conference where we'll hear from some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin and wider crypto world. It will also be a key focal point of the conference as the community comes together to discuss the future of Bitcoin.

From a series of "What Happened" panels that will dive into some of the biggest institutional stories that have defined the digital asset space in the past year (such as the banking crisis and FTX) to panels like the "Great Ordinal Debate" (moderated by Pete Rizzo, Bitcoin Magazine chief content officer, with Bitcoin developers as panelists), the Nakamoto Stage lineup will allow Web3 enthusiasts to dissect many past and emerging trends and developments in the industry. 

And, of course, you'll also have the opportunity to also hear from Trust Machines CEO Muneeb Ali (we'll have more on that fireside chat closer to the date) who will make the case for building on Bitcoin, and what the latest Bitcoin renaissance means for builders.

Crypto Miners Take The Mining Stage

Many key names will also be appearing on the conference's Mining Stage where they'll delve into more of the technical side of Bitcoin mining and the current landscape of the mining economy.

We'll hear from experts on the latest mining hardware, software, and strategies for maximizing profitability. The "State of Mining" will be the kickoff event with Frank Holmes that will set the tone for the stage's next few days. From the business and investing side of the mining economy (“VCs, Why No Mining Investments?”) to the current landscape for miners (“Mining for the Masses”), anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency mining and the current state of the mining economy should definitely stop by the Mining Stage.

Building the Bitcoin Business: The Enterprise Stage

The Enterprise Stage is where speakers will explore the various use cases for Bitcoin in enterprise settings. From fintech to gaming to NFTs, we'll hear from entrepreneurs and developers on how they're using Bitcoin to revolutionize their industries.

Builders and blockchain companies will unpack more on Ordinals in a 30-minute “Ordinal Infrastructure” presentation on Friday. On Saturday, “Bitcoin Digital Nomadism” will feature speakers that will lay out how to use Bitcoin to get a second passport and travel the world. The CEO of Bitcoin Communications, Isabel Duke, will also speak to Bitcoin's potential for, well, everything, in a talk titled, “Call It Anything: The Impacts of Bitcoin on Everything Else.” 

Many of these stage's are aimed at shedding light on various parts of the blockchain ecosystem and how to invest in the space. For example, “How to Value Bitcoin Companies” will feature several venture capitalists who have 25 minutes to hash out some answers to your most pressing questions, while we get to hear straight from Lightning Ventures general partner Mike Jarmuz himself during his “Bitcoin Founders and Funding” keynote session. 

Bitcoin Conference Highlights the Future of Bitcoin

And of course, Trust Machines will have a big presence at BTC Miami 2023 in our bid to lead the conversation about the future of Bitcoin and its impact on the world.

We'll have more information about where you can find and visit our Trust Machines team. But in the meantime, we're looking forward to meeting people from all walks of life and speaking to the founders, investors, influencers, industry experts and, of course, fellow builders that have made the Bitcoin landscape what it is today.

The conference is sure to be a must-attend event for anyone who wants to stay on top of this global, rapidly-evolving space. We look forward to seeing you there to tell you all about the future we're looking to build on Bitcoin.