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Building a decentralized economy on Bitcoin

Trust Machines is building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications to maximize the value of the Bitcoin network. We are Bitcoin layer agnostic. Currently we use Stacks, Lightning, DLCs and are open to exploring other tools.
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What is Trust Machines

Trust Machines is a team of engineers, builders, researchers, and operators banding together for one mission: growing the Bitcoin economy. We believe that by unlocking the true potential of Bitcoin layers, we can take Bitcoin to a billion users.

Bitcoin Layers

Bitcoin is simple at the base layer (L1). With Bitcoin L2s, we can scale Bitcoin transactions and add new functionality like privacy and new use cases. Bitcoin layers enable Bitcoin to become the secure settlement foundation for a future web. Value accrues to BTC along with to applications built on top, growing the size of the pie for everyone. With $400B of BTC capital that mostly sits idle, Bitcoin layers represent the largest untapped market for new decentralized apps.
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Our Products

Trust Machines is building a suite of end-user products to reach mainstream users, along with contributing to the necessary underlying infrastructure for Bitcoin and Bitcoin layers. For products, we’re building a Bitcoin web wallet, BTC lending apps, amongst others. For infrastructure we’re contributing to trust-minimized ways to bring BTC to Bitcoin layers for smart contracts and to enable advanced scripting for using BTC capital on Bitcoin L1.
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About us

We develop products and technologies that enable Bitcoin’s value as a decentralized final settlement layer for a wide range of use cases. Using Bitcoin layers, we unlock the secure, trustless benefits of the original blockchain without limiting the innovative potential of decentralized applications.
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Get Involved

We’re using Bitcoin to transform trust. Take the leap with us.
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Learn Center

It doesn’t matter if you’re a builder or simply crypto curious. Learn about DeFi, smart contracts, NFTs, web3 applications, and – most importantly – how Bitcoin and Bitcoin layers can unlock the real potential of them all at our “Learn Center” hub. 
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Join Our Team

We’re looking to grow our team. Whether you’re an engineer, a designer, or something else entirely, we want you to join us in building the Bitcoin economy.

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